ELCO offers a custom-made solution.
To meet the tasks two environmentally compatible dual-fuel double block burners of the RPD 60 GL-EU type were offered and installed by ELCO. A load-dependant speed control reduces the electrical demands of the fan, the exhaust values clearly fell short of the Dutch limitations. A special air and fuel mixture control enables the alternation of oil and natural gas firing without interrupting the operation of the burner.

Technical solution from ELCO:

  • 2 environmentally compatible ELCO dual-fuel burners RPD 60 GL-EU, nominal output 13 MW, arranged on top of each other on the water pipe boiler
  • Air supplied by a common fan
  • Load dependant speed control of the fan to save electricity
  • Switching of fuels "on the fly" by means of a digital air and fuel mixture control VMS
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