Increased demands in the quality of air required a refurbishment of a district heating plant in the centre of Linz, Austria. In 2006 a peak load boiler, built in 1989 was successfully converted from heavy fuel oil combustion to a dual-fuel combustion with natural gas and heating oil. The modern burner technology from ELCO played an important role.

Technical solution from ELCO:

  • 4 environmentally compatible ELCO dual-fuel burners RPD 70 GS-EDU, each with nominal output 17 MW
  • Load dependent speed control of the fans to save electricity
  • Change the fuels "on the fly" without interrupting the operation of the burner with electronic combustion management system FMS5
  • Large output modulation of the combustion due to a highly modulated burner and cascaded control via control technology
  • Steam atomisation of the heavy heating oil by means of superheated steam
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