Special demands require creative solutions.
At the exhibition centre times of extreme activity alternate with times of less intensive setting up and taking down the exhibits. What was needed was a heating solution which combined high flexibility with an absolute supply guarantee. In line with an innovative energy design a tailor-made solution from ELCO was decided upon. Two environ mentally compatible, highly controllable dual fuelled burners each with a capacity of 6.0 MW and a further 3.5 MW facility generate the necessary energy. In order to guarantee the availability at any point in time, the organizers in Stuttgart rely on the remote monitoring system ELCO REMOTE SOLUTION.

Technical solution from ELCO:

  • 3 pollutant reduced dual fuel burners:
    2 EK DUO 2.700 GL-EUF (each with nominal output 6.0 MW) + 1 EK DUO 2.550 GL-EUF (nominal output 3.5 MW)
  • Digital burner management system BCS 300
  • A load-dependant speed control and optimisation of residual oxygen for more economical use of electrical energy and low CO2 emissions
  • Innovative boiler control for the exact adjustment of meeting heating needs of the areas
  • Optimal operating safety thanks to remote monitoring with ELCO REMOTE SOLUTION
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