The firm SABO founded in 1845 and situated in Manno Tessin is the present Swiss market leader for bio and special cooking oils. The processing energy of 11,600 MWh is generated by a steam and thermal oil boiler. A further gas heating boiler serves for heating the building. Due to tighter limits on emissions, the facility had to be completely restructured in 2006.

Technical solution from ELCO:

Sabo data:

  • 100 Tonnes daily production of high quality cooking oils
  • Production energy needs 11,600 MWh per year

Technical solution by ELCO:
Steam boiler, saturated steam 16 bar for production

  • ELCO dual fuel burner EK 8.700 GL-EF2, nominal capacity 5,500 kW
  • Digital burner management system Etamatic OEM
  • A load-dependant speed control for the burner fan
  • An optimisation of residual oxygen for more economical use of energy and low CO2 emissions

Thermal oil boiler, thermal oil 325° C for production

  • ELCO dual fuel burner EK 4.175 GL-ROY, nominal capacity 1,250 kW
  • External exhaust gas recirculation to reduce emission of pollutants

Warm water boiler 90° C for heating:

  • ELCO Gas burner EGC 140 R2
  • Burner capacity 95 kW
  • Low pollution mixing mechanism for compliance with LRV (Swiss clean air regulations)
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