StrandHotel Seeblick, Heikendorf, Germany


Regenerative, comfortable heating on the Kiel Estuary

The StrandHotel Seeblick lies on the eastern shore of the Kiel Estuary in the Baltic Sea spa of Heikendorf, right on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Bay of Kiel. The hotel has 12 single and double rooms, two of them suites, fitted out with every comfort. It was clear to the owner early on that renewable energies and maximum comfort should be central to the planning of the heating. The objective was to combat rising energy costs and be prepared for the future. Right from the start, for instance, the house was designed for the use of a brine heat pump with a cooling function. The under-floor heating thus provides energy-saving cosiness and a pleasant room atmosphere in both winter and summer. Further energy sources are a modern, modulating gas condenser boiler and an integrated solar plant – both from ELCO.


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  • Reduction of operating costs for energy by 68 %*
  • Calculable costs through Longlife maintenance contract
  • Amortisation of investment through energy savings and reduced operating costs within 7 years, without depreciation


  • Hygienic warm-water treatment
  • Flexible adjustment of power through wide range of modulation
  • Free environmental energy
  • Efficient room cooling via heat pump


  • One hundred percent operating reliability through cascaded system
  • Bivalent operationOne hundred percent operating reliability through cascaded system
  • Energy monitoring
  • Hygienic fresh-water treatment
  • 24-hour fault rectification

*Compared with standard EnEV calculation.