Office building Associated Architects, UK


Heat pumps from ELCO bring sustainable heating to leading architectural practice

One of the UK’s leading architectural practices is enjoying renewable energy thanks to an innovative installation of two AQUATOP® T26 ground source heat pumps from ELCO.

The two 26kW ground source heat pumps are used for trench heating at the Associated Architects practice at the iconic Mailbox building in the heart of Birmingham. Associated Architects have won over 20 RIBA awards for their projects.

The collectors for the heat pumps are located in the Grand Union Canal, which is adjacent to the building.  The heat pumps use the waste heat in the canal which is generated from the surrounding buildings, and convert it into useable heating for the architectural practice.

The heating system was specified by Arup, Birmingham and installed by CA Sothers, a leading provider of mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance services. Martin Atkins, Contracts director, for C A Sothers commented: “The Aquatop T26 heat pumps were an ideal choice for our trench heating requirements, utilising the local canal water as primary heat source, their compact size suited the restricted plant space available and were easy to install within the spatial constraints made available to us.”

In addition to the two AQUATOP® T26 heat pumps, ELCO also supplied a 400 litre buffer vessel.