Newton Abbot Leisure Centre, Devon, UK



Staff, swimmers and fitness fanatics at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre, Devon, are benefitting from highly efficient heating and hot water thanks to three 200kW ADI-NOx CD boilers, two 300-litre Gemini calorifiers and a Minifill Pressurisation Manager – all supplied by MHS Boilers.
The upgrade of the building’s boiler plant will reduce carbon emissions by 102.3 tonnes per annum and provide significant energy savings – ensuring a payback within seven years.


The new boilers have replaced 12 ageing units as part of the Council’s commitment to reducing energy costs and tackling climate change. This has been laid out in its recently approved Energy and Carbon Reduction Plan 2012 – 2017, which was created in partnership with The Carbon Trust. The plan contains 34 individual projects aimed at cutting the Council’s carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by 2017 and saving up to £881,000.

Councillor Kevin Lake, Teignbridge District Council’s Executive Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, sits on the Carbon Management Program Board, which is responsible for making sure commitments in the plan are fulfilled. Councillor Lake said: “Teignbridge District Council is really proud of the work already achieved through its Energy and Carbon Reduction Plan. These boilers are a long-term investment for the leisure centre and its swimmers. We are all trying to do our bit by reducing our carbon emissions and we hope this will be a more efficient way to use energy.”

The ADI-NOx CD range of high efficiency boilers solve the problems caused by replacing old atmospheric boilers in compact plant rooms. With outputs from 68 to 905kW, it is designed to resolve difficulties with limited installation space, with incredibly compact dimensions that belie their powerful outputs. For example, models of up to 110kW output are only 350mm wide – making access and retrofitting much easier. And space saving is not just confined to the smaller outputs, as the boilers at 905kW only occupy 1.2m² of floor area.

Compact dimensions and the ability to operate with 11°C Δt system design conditions are key features of the new ADI-NOx CD boilers. Three different versions are included in the range which covers a standard type fabricated from carbon steel and intended for the replacement market, plus two versions with stainless steel heat exchangers; a low temperature version which is tolerant to condensation and returns higher efficiencies, and for those applications that demand highest efficiency performance there is the condensing version.

Featuring a radiant premix burner fed with precisely pre-mixed gas and air, ADI-NOx CD boilers have extremely low harmful emissions with NOx as low as 4.0mg/kWh at 0% O2. This low NOx concentration in the flue gases reduces the potential for damage to the environment caused by acid rain. In addition, extremely high seasonal efficiency can be achieved thanks to the modulating burner output with a high degree of turndown and the ability to create cascade/modular installations of up to 12 boilers.

Pisces Pressurisation Managers from MHS Boilers include Masterfill and Minifill units which are ideal for automatically topping up and maintaining the cold fill pressure in wet central heating and chilled water systems.

The Masterfill Managers are electronically controlled floor standing units available in single and twin pump versions with options of standard (up to 3.0 bar) or high pressure (up to 5.0 bar) fill pumps. The Minifill Managers are suitable for floor standing or wall mounting and are available in single or twin pump electronic versions. A single pump electro-mechanical version is also available, suitable for cold fill requirements up to 3.0 bar.

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