L ’Aquila Building, L ‘Aquila Italy


Costs drastically reduced with renewable energy and latest solar technology

The L ’Aquila residential complex, with its 12 dwellings, was almost completely destroyed in an earthquake. During planning of the rebuilding, it soon became apparent that the building should be completely modernised, not only structurally, but also with regard to ecological heating technology. The builders spontaneously decided on a system that can utilize renewable energy. The emphasis was on a solar installation for warm water processing – and that for a daily demand of 44,000 litres. The solution for this project came from ELCO: SOLATRON A 2.3 flat collectors with a total area of 608 m2 and VISTRON warm-water tanks with a total capacity of 4,000 litres. The system is completely autonomous, that is, it is independent of other energy sources. And although the complex is located in one of the colder regions in Italy, the warm water processing works with absolutely no problems. Warm water is available immediately at any time – that is, without the “running warm” time that wastes so much valuable water.


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  • High-tech solution for greatest efficiency
  • Maximal energy yield through full-surface copper absorbers
  • Leading-edge, efficient technology


  • Strong, self-supporting collector housing
  • Simple transportation and easy fitting through low weight of modules
  • High-quality components, long-lived and reliable
  • Safe & Clean System offers multiple protection, making the system safe from overheating, overpressure and frost


  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Free utilisation of solar energy
  • Reduction of energy costs by up to 60 %