Tasman Toren, Groningen, Netherlands


The most modern solar technology for an innovative residence building

Tasman Toren is a luxurious, 23-storey residence building in Groningen, the Netherlands. The centre of focus here is on the structural aesthetic. The original plans entailed installing a solar heating system on the roof of the 75-metre tall building, but without negatively impacting its esthetics. The flexible assembly option made AURON vacuum tube collectors a favourite. These have been installed fl at on the lower roof in order to make them “invisible” from the street. Turning the tubes moves them into a position where the angle of incidence to the sun is still optimal. The construction entailed the use of 64 powerful AURON 20 DF vacuum tube collectors, which supply the hot water needs of the apartments, wellness centre, restaurant and swimming pool at Tasman Toren (9,000 l of hot water storage capacity). Thanks to this efficient system, energy consumption can be reduced by 70.9 MWh and CO2 emissions by ca. 19.2 tonnes per year (compared to standard solutions).


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  • Highly efficient use of solar energy
  • Optimal hydraulic connection
  • High resistance and long lifespan


  • Particularly fl exible assembly of the system
  • Diagonal, fl at roof, fl oor and facade assembly
  • Low weight, easy assembly
  • Easy to maintain and service


  • 70.9 MWh less energy consumed each year
  • CO2 emissions reduced by ca. 19.2 tonnes p.a.
  • Radiation losses of less than 5 %