EXPO Center, Shanghai, China


EXPO heats with the Sun and with ELCO

EXPO Shanghai attracts millions of visitors from China and every corner of the globe. It is a visiting card for China, so it is essential that everything runs like clockwork, even behind the scenes. The ELCO solar installations at the Shanghai World EXPO are an excellent demonstration of our competence in outstanding renewable energy solutions to a wide specialist audience. In China, and all over the world, ELCO was responsible for all aspects of the design of the Shanghai project – from the steel structure to the solar heating system, control system, installation and commissioning. ELCO is also responsible for all interfaces.


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  • Maximum utilisation of solar energy
  • Total energy savings of 35 %
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 28 tonnes every year


  • It supplies hot water immediately
  • The hot-water temperature remains steady at 50 °C throughout the day
  • Multiple hot-water supply solution meets the diverse requirements of the conference centre


  • Includes an anti-legionella solution
  • Includes multiple protection to keep the system in a safe mode
  • Over-pressure and anti-freeze protection