Asian Games Village, Guangzhou, China


Solar power supplies the “Asian Games Village” with hot water

The “16th Asian Games Village 2010” in Guangzhou can be found on the east side of the Panyu district, where the construction of the New City began. The total surface area of the site is 2,737,000 m2. The development of this district is an important part of the “southern expansion”. Existing stadiums were revamped, and the city of Guangzhou was extensively modernised for the Asian Games. 600 million Yuan were invested for the sole purpose of combating the air pollution. In order to provide all athletes, delegates, technicians, journalists and staff of the “village” with environmentally friendly hot water, the planners decided to go with an ELCO solar plant. A total of 1,815 AURON 20 DF heat collectors with a surface area of 6,300 m2 were installed. The plant supplies all of the hot water needed daily, and in doing so saves approximately 3,180,000 kWh of electricity and roughly 3,225 tones of CO2 each year.


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  • Highly efficient use of solar energy
  • Little heat loss
  • Optimal heat transfer


  • Particularly flexible assembly system
  • Diagonal, flat roof, floor and facade assembly
  • Low weight, easy assembly
  • Optimal hydraulic connection


  • 3,180,000 kWh of electricity saved each year
  • 3,225 tonnes of CO2 saved each year
  • Radiation losses less than 5 %