Wherever in the world the Group operates, it never fails to recognize the fundamental importance of the local territory and the social environment, and therefore the relevance of working together with the local authorities to ensure that local needs are met.
We can make this philosophy real by respecting our core values. Values underpin everything we do. They are reflected in the way we all behave, the way we work and the way we present ourselves.

"There is no value in the economic success of any industrial initiative unless it is accompanied by a commitment to social progress."

Aristide Merloni, 1967

Our Values

In 2012, Ariston Thermo redefined its corporate values. Concrete and long lasting values with which the whole Group can identify: Integrity, People, Excellence, Customers and Sustainability are the key words around which the Ariston Thermo universe revolves, the principles in which we believe and which inspire us day after day to help the Company progress towards excellence.

The aim is to strengthen and develop the values established by our founder Aristide Merloni, so that they reflect the Group today and, above all, in the future.

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