Watermark Place, London, UK


Inspected and found to be “excellent”– thanks to highly efficient heating technology

Gigantic and ultra modern. The huge building complex Watermark Place in London is an office building with 14 storeys and a floor space of 42,350 m2. Shortly after its completion, the building was awarded the BREEAM classify cation “Excellent” for sustainable building, which means: realising the minimisation of the consumption of energy and resources. A contributory factor to achieving this was the installation of the very latest, environmentally friendly gas condensing boilers RENDAMAX 3604, which significantle undercut the NOx emission values for the best BREEAM standard. The energy efficient gas condensing boilers from the RENDAMAX 3600 series supply the fan coils, underfloor heating systems, radiators, warm air circulation heating systems and air conditioning systems of the building. The specifications expert Mark Terndrup from Waterman Building Services explains: “These have been our boilers of choice for a long time, because they satisfy both the technical requirements and also the cost-efficiency criteria specified in our major contracts.“


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  • Precise controllability with high effi ciency
  • Optimum standard effi ciency factor (>109.8 %)
  • 14 kW per m. greater output than a comparable boiler
  • Extremely low pollutant emissions


  • High degree of modulation, flexible output adjustment
  • Complete system kits, simple installation
  • Very low space requirement
  • Low weight, simple incorporation
  • Maintenance and service-friendly


  • Optimum operating reliability in cascade connection