St Mary’s Church in Westry, Cambridgeshire, UK



Visitors to the newly rebuilt St Mary’s Church in Westry, Cambridgeshire are benefitting from highly efficient and sustainable heating and hot water, thanks to a 32kW AEROTOP® T air source heat pump from ELCO UK, formerly MHS Boilers.

The heat pump is connected to an UFH network beneath the stone flooring, while several radiators situated below each nave window are available for boosting the room temperature.

The AEROTOP® T heat pump has been sited outside of the church within a wooden clad steel housing, which complements the surrounding grounds.

The AEROTOP® T heat pumps were specified by Karen Ayms, M&E Consultant at Cambridge-based Roger Parker Associates. Commenting on the project, Karen said: “The restoration of the church allowed us to consider a completely new heating system and, with gas and oil unavailable, air source heat pumps were the preferred choice. The system was designed to be highly energy efficient and the excellent COPs available from the AEROTOP T at low temperatures were ideal for the Church’s needs.

“We’ve worked with ELCO UK on a number of projects and, as always, their service and support was great throughout the entire design stage.”

The church required complete restoration with nearly everything in it rebuilt from scratch, including the lectern, pulpit, wooden benches, oak carved armchairs and even a new font. It has also been designed to be multi-purpose and used for both church and community uses.

AEROTOP® T heat pumps produce comfortable thermal heat with free energy from the ambient air. They can be installed both inside and outside buildings. This gives specifiers and architects a wide variety of siting options when planning and creating a new building or renovating an existing one.

AEROTOP® T heat pumps are perfectly equipped for external installation with an extremely robust and corrosion-resistant housing, providing optimal protection from the weather. In addition, the housing can be easily cleaned and retains its perfect surface appearance for many years. The range is available in nine models with outputs up to 34.4kW and COPs up to 3.7.

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