Rayleigh Weir Fire Station, Essex, UK


Sunny outlook for sustainability and energy efficiency

The Rayleigh Weir Fire Station completed in October 2009, in the county of Essex, not only makes a positive impression on account of its innovative architectural design – it also boasts an extremely environmentally friendly design. In designing the fi re station, the focus was very much on the sustainability and energy effi ciency of the building. Consequently, the decision fell in favour of the installation of a solar heat system with AURON DF vacuum tube collectors from ELCO, with a collector area of some 24 m2 and a 1,380 l solar storage unit combined with a wall-mounted ELCO 85 kW condensing boiler. AURON DF vacuum tube collectors have been developed both for domestic hot water and back-up heating. They feature a highly flexible and robust mounting system, which facilitates installation and alignment to the sun. The ELCO condensing boiler with 85 KW serves as an additional heating system, which is essential in our degrees of latitude. All in all, a perfect combination of state-of-the art solar plant and condensing boiler technology.


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  • Flexible modulation range 5:1
  • Standard efficiency factor of over 109.5 %
  • Extremely low pollutant emissions


  • Complete system kits, simple installation
  • Very low space requirement
  • Low weight, simple incorporation