Hermann Quarter, Berlin, Germany


ELCO ensures more energy and cost efficiency

The Hermann Quarter opened its doors at the end of 2008 in Hermannstraße in the Berlin district of Neukölln. The total utilised area is 15,400 m2, spread over 3 floors. Of this, the greater part is taken up by retail areas with a total area of 8,650 m2 on 2 floors. The centrepiece is a shopping mall, but there are also numerous shops, offices and a medical centre. The builders of the mall awarded the contract for the planning of a heating solution that would meet the requirements of efficiency and energy savings to the company MVV Energiedienstleistungen Mitte GmbH, with which a heating supply contract was signed. MVV is part of the MVV Energy Group, one of the leading energy service providers in Germany. What was finally implemented was a complete, tailor-made heating equipment solution. At the heart of the configuration are 2 ELCO gas condensing boilers, the RENDAMAX 2909 and the RENDAMAX 3602, both floor mounted, with a total output of 1,300 kW.


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  • Competent planning of the new heating solution
  • Heating supply contract ensures reliable operation with guaranteed technical availability
  • Flexible power adjustment through wide range of modulation



  • Leading-edge technology
  • Compact construction, low space requirement
  • Extremely low emissions and quiet operation



  • Reliable operation for many years