Public Utilities, Weiden, Germany


Long-term guarantee give planners a reliable basis for calculation

A unique assurance of guarantee by ELCO made it possible to implement an energy-saving contract project in Weiden (Oberpfalz). The contracting helped the town to open up extremely economical potentials for savings in their properties. The ELCO service contracts covered the entire run time of the project of up to 12 years. This gives the contractor, an association of engineers and planners, a longterm, reliable basis for calculation and planning with regard to the heating equipment. In total, the order in Weiden embraced 44 of the latest gas condensing boilers. The result now is that the increase in energy efficiency reduces the energy consumption and the CO2 emission, year in, year out, by more than 25 %. The savings in energy costs are distributed, with the contractors financing their costs and the town council its investments.


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  • Realisation of potential for energy saving in the town through energy-saving contracting
  • Reduction of energy costs in 28 properties by up to 27 %
  • Quick amortisation through energy savings and reduced operating costs


  • Compact construction, low space requirement
  • Extremely low emissions and quiet operation
  • Flexible adjustment of performance through wide modulation range


  • One hundred percent operating reliability through cascaded system
  • Calculable maintenance costs through Longlife flat rate service contract
  • Guaranteed service dispatch within 3 hours