Perfect Administration Residence, Peking, China


China’s largest gas condensing system saves a lot of energy

The Perfect Administration Residence in Peking is an exclusive, hotel-like apartment complex, optimally situated between the shopping and business centres of Yansha and LIDO, and very close to the third embassy district. And just as the style of the architecture reflects the modernity of the quarter, ELCO represents the state of the art in modern heating technology. The Perfect Administration Residence has the largest condensing heating system with premix burner technology in China to date. The combination of three RENDAMAX 3605 and two RENDAMAX 2906 gas condensing boilers by ELCO offers a high degree of economy. Not only does it save a lot of energy; the system also has convincingly low emission values – as required by the Peking municipal administration with regard to environmental protection.


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  • Very economical operation
  • High standard effi ciency factor of up to 109.8 % (R 3600 Series)
  • Eleven power stages from 639 kW to 1,189 kW


  • Space-saving size
  • Low weight
  • Compact system unit comprising boiler and burner
  • Integration in existing controls and automation systems possible
  • Particularly quiet operation
  • Optimally preset and tested
  • Quick, simple installation


  • Specially attractive price-performance ratio
  • Significant reduction of 120,000 m3 gas
  • 400 tonnes of CO2 emission