Olympic Village, Peking, China


Record-breaking performance in solar heating: 325,000 litres of oil a year saved

Peak performances, new records, shining medals – that’s what makes the Olympic Games so fascinating, time and time again. For ELCO, too! In the preliminaries to the Summer Olympics in China in 2008, ELCO succeeded in establishing a “personal best”: its biggest solar heating project to date, a warm water system in the Olympic Village in Peking. The installation comprised 2,187 AURON DF vacuum-tube collectors with a total area of 7,500 m2 – and that in a record-breaking time of only 6 weeks. The installation, split up into 5 individual systems, supplied 18,000 athletes with some 860,000 litres of warm water daily. And as it turned out, the collectors also offered welcome shade. Thanks to the latest technology, almost 2,978 tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved every year.


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  • Energy savings of up to 65 %
  • Significant reduction of CO2 emission: 2,978 tonnes a year
  • Saves 5 mill. KWh of electricity or 0.6 mill. m2 of gas a year


  • Hygienic, thermal water treatment
  • Simple, reliable control technology
  • Utilisation of free solar energy


  • With anti-bacterial function and Legionella protection
  • Reliable overheating protection
  • Active, automatic anti-frost function
  • 24-hour fault removal, including night work