Meng Joss House, Tianjin, China


Latest heating technology in classical building saves over 50 % of heating costs

The Meng Joss House, an Italianate building in the “Italian Style Street” in Tianjin, had seen better days. The former barracks for Italian soldiers, consisting of two three-storey buildings of different heights, was in a desolate condition. Now, after renovation, it serves as a modern offi ce building. The original form of the building was preserved. The newly installed heating equipment is innovative and extremely effi cient: more than 50 % of the heating costs are saved. As part of this renovation project at No.12, Boai,Street in Tianjing, ELCO designed and implemented a particularly ecological solution. The building was fi tted with an integrated heat pump, a solar installation for warm water processing, and a photovoltaic system. It was possible to preserve the historic substance of the building, which was technically modernised with great care to meet.


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  • Reduction of heating costs by more than 50 %
  • Annual energy savings: 10,000 kWh
  • Approx. 10 tonnes less CO2 emissions a year


  • Controls for all three system installed in one room
  • Central, clear energy monitoring system
  • Simple, reliable control equipment
  • The combination of warm water system and integrated cooling system improves the quality of comfort and utility


  • Reliable protection from overheating
  • Active, automatic frost-protection function