Associated-Architects, Birmingham, UK


Environment-friendly heating system serves leading architects’ office

Associated Architects in Birmingham is one of the leading and most modern architects’ offices in England. The portfolio of this committed team is widely spread, and the claims to the quality of their own work are very high. To keep their own heating system state of the art, they decided that renovation should include an environment friendly heating system that used the water from the canal as a primary energy source: two AQUATOP T 26 heat pumps by ELCO. The probes of the heat pumps that were installed in the building were placed in the Grand Union Canal, which runs past the premises. This makes it impossible to utilise the waste heat generated by the surrounding buildings. This is converted to valuable energy, which is then used for the heating of the architects’ office.


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  • Excellent thermal output of up to 113.6 kW, cascaded
  • Convincing fi gures – performance values (COP) of up to 6.0


  • Space-saving, compact size
  • Quick, simple installation
  • Free utilisation of regenerative energy sources
  • Low noise emission (below 35 dBA)
  • Large selection


  • Reduction of operating costs by 20 %
  • Amortisation after only 3.5 years
  • CO2 reduction: 5.4 t per year