A brand new range of light commercial gas fired, high efficiency wall hung condensing boilers with individual outputs from 10kW to 145kW. Utilising a new state-of-the-art double helix finned tube stainless steel heat exchanger design; the boilers have a high turndown rate of 1:6, affording the potential for accurate output-to-load matching. THISION L is the product of extensive research, development and field testing. THISION L wall mounted boilers set new standards in gas fired condensing boiler reliability, performance and design features.

Key Features

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger - Reliability for the life of the boiler
  • High turndown 1:6 leading to constant efficiency
  • Up to 8 boilers on cascade rig with outputs to 1,140kW offering great flexibility
  • 6 bar maximum working pressure
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